Small dishes in pleasant surroundings

Small mediterranean bar with drinks and some of our mom’s food and snacks.



  • 12 Oysters (no sparkles, no nothing, just oysters) 120.-
  • Scallop – Cauliflower – Brown Butter 125.-
  • Octopus Panko - Iberico Ham - Chili Mayo 120.-
  • Carpaccio of Line Caught Tuna 98.-
  • Smoked Salmon – Creamy Spinach 130.-
  • Turbot Porched in Beurre Monte – Comté 137.-
  • Shrimps – Garlic – Cream 95.-
  • Steamed Mussels 75.-
  • Plateau de Fruits de Mer (Selection of today’s Seafood) 385.-


  • Carpaccio of Tenderloin – Fragments of Goose Liver 115.-
  • Ribeye Sliced – Bone Marrow – Onions 235.-
  • Braised Pork – Mash Potatos – Sauce 140.-


  • Fried Onion Rings - Chilli Mayo 65.-
  • Bignet Fried Veggies 117.-
  • Burrata Over Creamy Pea 138.-
  • Pommes (almost) Allumettes with grated cheese 40.-
  • Falafel with Babaganush 75.-
  • Tzatziki with toasted Melba 52.-


  • Iberico Chips 55.-
  • Olives 25.-
  • Almonds 25.-
  • Bread and Alioli pr. portion 20.-

Small bar with drinks and some of our mom’s food and snacks.

The concept is easy peasy

Small servings in cozy settings, have a drink/take a sip and experience a sherry, as intended you can – as in many other countries – order a sequences of small servings from a simple menu, at favourable prices. Our suggestion is to order 3-4 bites per person the servings will arrive in small “heats”. We aren’t much for using the word “tapas” we feel, in all honesty, that it has been misused way too much. Our servings are tuned and we call them “bites” or as the Danes call it ”hapser” – and they are all made in the size of starters.


Bar’Habla is a BAR – and we also have a bit of food, so you dont get too drunk too fast. We wish to be a cheap bar and therefore we dont have extra waiters to take orders at the tables. Pleas have a look at the menu – then come to the bar and order.
We will bring your order when ready – pay attention, that your food will come one after another when ready, and not at the same time

Bar Habla

Opening hours

  • Monday - Sunday 16.00 – Late Night

    (hot kitchen; 17.00-22.00)


  • Friday - Saturday 12.00 - 16.00

    (16.00, from 1. April - 1. September)

*Due to busyness thursday/friday/saturday you can book a table – from  17.00/17.15/17.30/17.45 – 20.00
and again 20.15/20.30/20.45/21 until late


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