Bar' Habla

Small dishes in pleasant surroundings


The concept is easy peasy

Small servings in cozy settings, have a drink/take a sip and experience a sherry, as intended you can – as in many other countries – order a sequences of small servings from a simple menu, at favourable prices. Our suggestion is to order 3-4 bites per person the servings will arrive in small “heats”. We aren’t much for using the word “tapas” we feel, in all honesty, that it has been misused way too much. Our servings are tuned and we call them “bites” or as the Danes call it ”hapser” – and they are all made in the size of starters.

Stuff you need to know

Bar’Habla is a BAR – and we also have a bit of food, so you dont get too drunk too fast. We wish to be a cheap bar and therefore we dont have extra waiters to take orders at the tables. Pleas have a look at the menu – then come to the bar and order. We will bring your order when ready – pay attention, that your food will come one after another when ready, and not at the same time.


Opening hours

  • Monday - Sunday 16.00 – Late Night

    Hot kitchen 17.00-22.00

  • Friday - Saturday 12.00 - 16.00

    Lunch from 1. April - 1. September

*Due to busyness Friday/Saturday, we have two seatings. You can book a table – from 17.00/17.15/17.30/17.45 – 20.00 and again 20.15/20.30/20.45/21 until late.

we do not make reservations
for tables outside 😊

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